Zastys Family Child Care 731 Rivendell Dr., Milton WI 53563
Zastys Family Child Care731 Rivendell Dr., Milton WI 53563

School Policy:

This page is detailing the organizational structure and various other facts relating to Zastys Family Child Care. 

MISSION:  To provide exemplary childcare in a safe, high quality environment by offering a continuum of services tailored to meet the needs of the children in care.  The children are provided a nurturing, safe, developmentally appropriate environment that focuses on a stimulating early care and education experiences to promote each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.  Children are encouraged to develop at their own pace, while being provided support and encouragement to each individual child for success.


1. Learning through play is a child-initiated, child-directed, and interactive process with adults, children and materials that is teacher supported.  Zasty’s FCC strives to nurture a child’s own independence and build self esteem by showing respect for each child as a unique individual, and distinctly different than an adult. 

2. Children learn best by having freedom within limits.  Zasty’s FCC strives to allow children time to be free to move about their environment, free to choose a variety of activities, materials and equipment,  and free to work alone or in groups through active involvement.  There is a balance of rest and active movement throughout the day for all children as well. 

3. I will be responsible to give the child a prepared environment of a variety of learning materials and stimulating experiences to challenge each child.  There will be emphasis on natural materials that enhance sensory stimulation, activities that focus on daily living activities, as well as learning core skills.  There are plenty of multi cultural, ability awareness and nonsexist experiences materials and equipment to choose from.  The child's family cultures and traditions will be incorporated into the planning as well as any goals that the families choose for their child.  My home is usually organized so that these materials and workstations are orderly and easily accessible to the children. 

4. Children learn best when they feel secure and have a sense of belonging.  By utilizing mixed age groupings, my program will strive to create a sense of “family” and to facilitate community learning.  It also offers opportunities to learn empathy and self help skills.


Please call to make an appointment to meet staff and tour the childcare space with your child at  1-608-868-6240. We will be glad to take the time to inform you about everything you need to know, answer any questions, and provide the relevant paperwork to start the enrollement process. You may also use the contact form from this website.  We always appreciate your visit and hope to meet you soon!

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